it’s physically impossible to fit words into a venn diagram


i love being a TEEN. sleeping til noon, spraypainting the principals car, smoking drugs, contemporary art

Gough Whitlam: introduces Medicare, allowing free access to healthcare for everyone
tone abet: wants to introduce $7 copayment to every GP visit
Gough: gives us our first advisor for women's issues
tone: supposedly is the minister for women, still not sure he realises they're human too
Gough: pulls troops out of Vietnam
tone: wants to send asylum seekers there
Gough: introduces free tertiary education
tone: wants to deregulate university fees
Gough: gets rid of the OBE and knighthoods, introduces the OA
tone: brings back knighthoods.
Gough: replaces God Save the Queen with Advance Australia Fair as our national anthem
tone: loudly ignores the line "for those who've come across the sea/we've boundless plains to share"
Gough: one of the finest PM's this nation has ever had
tone: wrong lizard. Possibly a dinosaur based on how outdated views are.
here i was thinking there’d be no results for obama hentai.. damn.. proven wrong again


The sun was really bright and got in my eyes but I still looked rlly cute

so whatev////

eeep! you're a darling <3

haha thank you :)))))))))