Hi I really love your poem it's beautiful but I just wanted to ask, I don't understand what you mean by "there is a forest in my eyes" would you mind explaining?

Thank you! Um yah it’s nothing too fancy it’s just that I have hazel eyes. You know, brown and green… it’s always kind of made me think of forests .

(Does explaining it make it less poetic? haha)



ruby-white-rabbit that’s wicked. but yeah go ahead, write it down to your heart’s content!

ruby-white-rabbit woah yah dude sure go ahead (eep that’s really cool)

ruby-white-rabbit and bartons-bitch I can’t reply on this computer but holy shit thank you so much you’re both too nice! ^_^

I am beautiful because there is a forest in my eyes,
And I will open them and frame them in black
So that you will admire them like the artwork that they are.

I am beautiful because my freckles are a map,
And the pinpoints of my existence and my living
Are charted in the sunshine that has touched my face.

I am beautiful because my teeth refuse to be hidden,
And reveal themselves with every word or smile or breath
To remind you that I am made of bone and strength.

I am beautiful because my thighs are unexplored planets,
And every mark upon my skin is a symbol
That I must stretch to keep in every wonderful atom of my being.

I am beautiful because my tear-tracks are a masterpiece,
And there is music in my laugh, and a dance in my step,
And I am art that cannot help creating art.

- Maeve K.C - 23/09/2014
pssst. psssssst. hey, you. post your poem. now. do it.

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Actually, on the subject of poetry, the other day I found a book of poems that my mum wrote when she was 21 (5 years before she had her first child), and in one of them she wrote the line “my three lovely daughters and my only son”. 30 years later, she has four kids: 3 girls, one boy. Freaky tbh.


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